For MicroSynagogues: A Comment and a Few Useful Links

As the size of a complex organization gets very small, functionality imposes restrictions that counter the paradigms of the business model popular with non-profits. First, TEAMWORK, as now practiced, is wasteful of time and energy and often demotivating. The need for the organization to dominate the individual is less important when the organization is small. Individual accountability, where each individual covers his/her own sector of operations, is more efficient and more fun. Second, the business school aphorism that the executive can always hire an expert to deal with problems requiring more than the average amount of intellect is an aphorism the tiny organization can ill afford. Self-sufficiency must replace it in order to meet budgetary limitations. With a policy of self-sufficiency, comes a strong need for individual merit. By rewarding merit with tangible success, privation provides the seeds of refreshing change. Finally, the concept of leadership needs to be tempered along with the egoism that attends it because individual accountability is not successful under egoistic leadership. As one author earthily put it, "to be followed [is] the prerequisite for being dumped." — June Arnold